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How to Use Compensation Benchmarking to Make Your Number

What does your potential customer want to achieve during this call? Be ready to listen and take notes so that you can react to what the potential buyer says. Limit your questions so that the meeting feels like a conversation, not an interview.

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Before you pick up the phone, make sure each question you want to ask supports the goals that you defined for the call. Creating an informal itinerary for the conversation will help you maintain control.

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Then, map out how to shift the conversation from topic to topic so that you reach all defined goals. Hate your current CRM? Still working off spreadsheets? The truth is that your potential customer is extremely busy. They only have a small window of time to devote attention towards their buying decision. That means they want to feel like they spent their time wisely when they talk to you.

Do the Work: 8 Steps to Sales Call Preparation [CHECKLIST]

Do you know the value you can provide to this potential buyer? How can you inspire them to speed up their buying decision or move them to the next step in the sales process? Provide information that answers their questions, speaks to their needs, or explains any concerns they may have.

The call should end with your potential customer having actionable steps to carry out and feeling positive about the experience. Related: These 5 habits make sales reps look desperate. Sometimes you need to do your homework in order to understand the big picture as well as the details about the specific challenges they face and how you can provide the solution. Your goal is to move along the trunk, but also prepare for the limbs and branches to be included as well.

2) Research your lead

The limbs and branches are the small pieces of information that divert slightly from the main topic. Prepare yourself with answers for all the hypothetical limbs and branches.

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Know what you want to find out from your prospect. Gather information from them regarding their product and their pain points. You can use any information you gather to fuel further communication.

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Get as many answers as possible. Prepare a package of physical, material back-up for yourself, just in case. In short, make an outline of tips 1 thur 4.

Preparing for a Sales Call: The Ultimate Checklist to Cover your Bases

Also, prepare any other marketing materials that might be of help to you — white papers , brochures, web pages, and so on. Having strong material back-up can help you stay on point without losing your footing. Always look at a voicemail as another opportunity to impress your prospect. Prepare a 30 second version of the one main point that you intended to focus on in your phone call. Write an outline for your email, with bullet points of exactly what you want your prospect to know. Impressing your prospects over the phone can be the difference in getting another meeting, and eventually winning their business….

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Preparing for a sales call

Looking for the most recent ad trends? Effective sales come from cold, hard, and constant preparation.

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Here are 6 tips for preparing the ultimate sales call: 1. Have one main focus. Be ready for questions.